Are You Tired Of Recurring Staph  Infections?

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Dear Friend,

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As a 3 Year Sufferer of Chronic Staph Infection, I'll show you HOW I PERMANENTLY STOPPED MY REPEAT INFECTIONS!

If you’re looking for permanent relief from your repeat staph infections, then this is probably the most important message you’ll ever read. 

I caught staph 8 years ago from my girlfriend and i was suffering.

I was experiencing,

  • Crawling feeling all over my body
  • boils
  • Pimples
  • Itching in my private area
  • fevers and
  • Pain in my bones

It was a terrible experience.

I took all kinds of antibiotics including, Erythromycin and Vancomycin.


I even went online to find herbal products.

They did not work.

I wasted a lot of money and felt like committing suicide. Thank God for my mom!

After years of wasting so much money, i met a woman of God who was also into herbs.

I went to her for prayers cos i felt it was a spiritual problem!

After telling her i had been battling staph, she just laughed and told me her own story how she also battled PID(pelvic inflammatory disease) caused by staphylococcus bacteria.

Her husband divorced her because she could not make babies!

She went back to the village and later settled to learn herb making and in the process cured herself, re-married and got pregnant.

Oh my God. 

You should see the joy on my face when she told.

I had already knelth down for prayers but she told me to stand up, that it was not spiritual and then she told me . . .


I came back after 1 week and she prepared all the herbs and gave me.

At first i felt nothing but after 4 days i woke up in the night shaking!

I started purging!

I called her and she told me my body was detoxing and it was called a herx effect.

She told me to bear it!

I started vomiting too, all manner of colors and stooling. Worms came out of my stool and some flower like objects.

I was so scared!

I followed her instructions and drank plenty water!

I finally slept and slept like a baby, something i had not done for 8 years!

I continued all the medications and after 3 weeks i was feeling better!

No more itching!

No more boils

No more crawling feeling

No more fever

But i still felt light pains in my bones!

So i continued!

Fast forward 2 months later . . .


Its been 2 years but am still free.

Infact i even reduce to have a girlfriend ever again!

I took up studies with my helper and she taught me how to cure others of many health conditions!

She passed away a few months ago but her memory lives on!

I can help you cure your staph infection.

With simple herbs and consistency you too can be free of STAPH FOREVER!

The Ultimate Staph Cure​!


1. This pack will dry up the staph boils and pimples from the inside.

2. It will stop the itching and the crawling feeling you feel all over your skin and skull.

3. It will cure you of the infection and clear your blood of this infection. We always advise our customers to go do a Urine, Semen or HVS or Blood test after.

How To Order Now!

Staph Pack  = N20,000

Call 08068354455 To Order

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Frequently asked Questions

How long will it take before i get cured?

It will take 2 months to totally eradicate the infection. But once you start using the pack you will find

relief after 3 or 4 days.

Can i take the pack English drugs?

We don't recommend you take our pack with English drugs because it could be too strong for your body.

Our pack contains detoxification packs and that will be hard on the body when mixed with English drugs or injections.

How about the boils and pimples on my skin?

That will dry up from the inside. Its from your blood. Our blood cleanser will fix that!

Though we recommend you change your pants, boxers, towels and bed sheets if you can.

If you cant just wash them well in hot water and IZAL 3 times a week,

Is staph sexually transmitted?

Yes and No.

Staph can be transmitted via touch, toilet, sex kissing etc.

Its not just sex alone.

Is your product guaranteed!

Yes it is so guaranteed! it will work for you!

How can i order?

You can order by calling 08068354455